Rhiannon Davies

Web Administrator

Technical helper keeping our website working for good

Most of the time you wouldn’t know Rhiannon was doing their job — and that’s how they like it! Rhiannon’s behind-the-scenes work keeps our website and its various component parts ticking along nicely.

Rhiannon does crucial web tasks, including analytics and maintenance, and has heaps of technical knowhow. If the website has a hiccup, Rhiannon gets to the heart of the problem and makes sure everything runs smoothly again. They also keep an eye on accessibility issues, suggesting improvements that help to make the content work well for all our website visitors.

Promoting our impact in more ways than one

While the website is Rhiannon’s main focus, you’ll find their name on our blog as well. Rhiannon is the author of several popular long-form blog posts that join the dots between plain language and positive social impact.

‘Plain, human-centred language is where transparency and empowerment flourish, changing the lives of the people that need it most for the better.’


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