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Helping make New Zealand law clear and accessible

We’re very proud of our work with the Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO). They’re responsible for drafting and publishing New Zealand legislation. We’ve helped them strengthen their plain language culture and write clearer laws.

We supported the PCO to develop their own plain language standard. Since then, we’ve run workshops, audited legislation against their standard, and helped them embed plain language throughout their work.

Read about how the PCO applies plain language

In our most recent audit, we found the PCO continues to lift their game. They’re making long, complex documents easier to navigate and understand.

We’re thrilled to play a small part in making the law more accessible to everyone in Aotearoa.

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Creating transparent, customer-friendly policies

In 2023, Southern Cross Pet Insurance achieved the WriteMark on its PetCare and AcciPet policies. The WriteMark is the quality mark for clear communication.

We helped the team transform their policies to make:

  • insurance cover more transparent
  • terms and conditions easier to understand
  • key points clear at a glance
  • customers more satisfied.

See the PetCare and AcciPet policies

Insurance is often ranked among the most confusing — and least trusted — of consumer products. We’re proud that the work we do helps demystify insurance and give people clarity in the cover they purchase.

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Enabling people with disabilities to hire support

We loved helping Manawanui achieve a beautifully clear contractor agreement.

This agreement helps people with disabilities hire their own support team. It must be concise, easy to understand, and scrupulously fair. It must explain exactly what’s involved in becoming a contractor.

We cut the word count of the original contract in half. And we used descriptive headings and other plain language techniques to make the key points clear. This meant the final agreement focused only on what mattered, and left no room for confusion.

‘I found it easier to understand, and that gave me the confidence to discuss it with someone I wanted to hire’

Linda Barnes

See the impressive before and after

Building trust in insurance with clear, honest policies

For AA Insurance, trust means doing the right things for the right reason — in the right way. People are more likely to trust something they can understand, so plain language is a perfect fit.

We assessed 11 insurance policies against the WriteMark — the quality mark for clear communication. The AA Insurance team then took in our feedback until every aspect of every policy met the WriteMark.

The result? Customer confusion dropped. So did escalation calls from frontline staff to tech support.

‘Write helped us remove the ‘grey areas’ and ensure our policies held honest, well-organised information. Nothing was insurmountable.’

AA Insurance

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