Libby Ross


Writer with fresh ideas and a clear vision of plain language

Libby originally came to us as a communications researcher. She worked on a project that turned into our white paper on payday loans Help or Harm? Now she’s a fully fledged member of the documents consulting team.

Libby believes strongly in the value of clear communication for organisations and loves working with clients to help them put plain language into practice.

Libby’s particular specialty is the world of scored document audits. She’s developed a method that uses the elements of the Write Plain Language Standard alongside weighted numerical ratings. A scored audit assesses how well an organisation or team is writing and gives a snapshot of writing quality. Libby loves to carry out follow-up audits to show how clients’ writing improves over time.

Delivering clear feedback on how to write more effectively

Libby also works on documents that need proofreading or more substantive editing. She supplements her edits with useful feedback on the why and how of clear writing.

She works with content of all kinds from government reports and company web copy to newsletters, articles, and blogs. She’s called on to review proposals for research grants and funding applications, and is involved in researching the value of clear writing in academic settings.

You might also meet Libby as part of one of our user-testing teams where she’ll be conducting the session or recording notes for later analysis.

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