Emily Cotlier


Astute and resourceful technical communicator and trainer, with an online focus

Give Emily complex, poorly organised material and she’ll transform it into clear and useful information that works for your organisation. Equally, she can train your team to do the same.

Emily’s worked in the industrial, technology, and government sectors, and has a master’s degree in scientific and technical communication.

As a trainer, Emily’s especially skilled at helping people to:

Taking care of content operations and delivery

With expertise in systems and software, Emily can also take care of your long-term document management needs. She’s a qualified consultant for MadCap Flare — a leading single-sourcing authoring tool.

Emily can help your team with usability testing, content delivery options, and creating content that meets the needs of multiple audiences.

Her content experience comes from a range of private sector clients and projects, including online documentation, wikis, WordPress sites, and ecommerce.

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