Inez Romanos

Inez Romanos, trainer at Write.

Inez provides insightful coaching in many aspects of writing, and delivers our Web Lab for a diverse range of clients.

She thrives on helping clients make their writing as clear as possible. She is expert at making web content easy to find, read, understand, and act on.

Inez draws from her experience in journalism, radio, editing, and public relations.

Outside work, Inez dotes on her son, is an eclectic cook, and practises mindfulness.

Praise for Inez

'Inez created a very positive learning environment where contribution from everyone was welcomed and valued.'
Anna Gillien, Ministry of Education

'Inez thoroughly went through all aspects of web writing with a very approachable manner.'
Ryan Silk, Institute of Directors

'I could not have asked for a better learning experience.'
Jayd Smith, Ministry of Social Development

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