Diana Burns

Diana Burns, trainer at Write.

Diana’s specialty is persuasive writing — how to create proposals, business cases, and bids that give you a competitive edge. If you’re an executive, Diana can coach you in presentation skills, so you’re prepared for a high-stakes presentation.

Diana also plays a key part in the discovery and training phases of our culture change programmes. She develops and delivers bespoke workshops. Participants love the energy, warmth, and extensive knowledge she brings to their learning experience.

Out of hours, Diana loves all things Spanish and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Praise for Diana

'A typically great and useful Write workshop. Diana steered us through a useful, fun workshop tailored to our team’s needs'
Lisa Wilcoe, Palmerston North City Council

'Write developed a training session that was relevant to our field. They used our examples to demonstrate how we can better our writing techniques and take our communication to the next level.'
Sara McPhail, Palmerston North City Council

'Diana came across really well, explaining things well and providing great tips on how to lock some of the learnings in along the way, she is a real gem.' 
Paul Baker, Fonterra

'Diana’s course on Wednesday was fantastic. It’s already saved me a huge amount of time.'
Peter O’Connor, Accident Compensation Corporation

'I think Diana is brilliant and it was a pleasure working with her.'
Lynette Baker, Māori Language Commission

'Really engaging presenter who was clear and explained everything in an easy way. I’m excited to try some of these ideas at work and feel confident to use language appropriately in my writing.' 
Esme Dawson, Porirua City Council

'Diana was the most skilled trainer I’ve had. She was clear, engaging, warm, positive and really well informed and experienced. There was a great mix of theory and practice.'
Louise Grace-Pickering, Ministry of Social Development

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