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Chief Executives

Lynda Harris

Founder and Chief Executive

Under Lynda’s visionary leadership, Write has become the largest plain language consultancy in the world. Lynda inspires everyone at Write to deliver the benefits of plain language to clients — greater efficiency and productivity, less risk, lower costs, and better relationships with customers.

She’s developed research-based standards and models that countless organisations have used to their advantage. Lynda’s latest creation is the Rewrite for Change™ Model — a master plan for implementing and sustaining a plain language culture in any organisation.

Lynda is a respected member of the international plain language community. In 2015, her peers awarded her the prestigious Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award.

Outside work, Lynda enjoys her extended family and travelling.

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Anne-Marie Chisnall

Deputy Chief Executive and Consultant

Anne-Marie uses her sharp eye for quality and business effectiveness to ensure organisations experience all the benefits of clear communication.

She works at a strategic level on culture-change projects using Write’s Rewrite for Change™ Model. She delights in seeing organisations use the Model to achieve measurable and lasting results. And she applies the same thinking to her work inside Write.

Anne-Marie is an advocate for clarity in government and business, so people can make important financial, health, and legal decisions. She helped develop the WriteMark document quality mark, which supports fair customer relationships.

She’s also an active member of the international plain language community and presents at conferences here and overseas.

Outside work, Anne-Marie is a walker, writer, and reader of contemporary fiction.

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Relationship Managers

Sarah Kebbell

Consultant — Auckland region

Sarah takes great satisfaction from seeing businesses add dollars to their bottom line by working smarter, building their brand, and improving productivity.

She gets to know your business and your goals, and then matches you with the best service and talent for the results you need.

She stays in touch with you throughout your project, ensuring the measurable benefits of clear communication fall into place.

Outside work, Sarah nurtures her boys and enjoys conversation, beaches, and the arts.

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Paul Le Cheminant

Relationship Manager

Paul is a strategic thinker, who gets to the heart of your business need and finds a solution that fits. He’s driven to make sure you get a tangible return on your investment in plain language.

Paul has led and worked with senior and frontline staff in many industries and sectors, so he understands the challenges businesses face.

After hours, Paul enjoys spending time with his three boys, and going fishing and diving.

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Paula Shelton

Relationship Manager

Paula finds the best way to use plain language at your place: to put your words to work, build your brand, and improve your bottom line.

Paula is attentive to your situation, your goals, and any potential barriers to success. She provides tailored, considered solutions and connects you with the right specialists in our talented team.

Outside work you’ll find Paula at one of her favourite cafes, in her garden, or out walking with her family.

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Angie Collins


Angie has been training people to write clearly for many years. She’s adept at tailoring workshops to meet an organisation’s unique training needs.

In workshops, Angie connects with each participant’s style and strengths, so they can learn quickly. Participants often say that writing in plain language is easier than they thought.

Angie delights in ending the frustration and waste caused by poor business communication. And she loves coaching people in presentation skills, so they can present confidently to groups.

Outside work, Angie is a devoted parent to three sons and enjoys her large music collection.

Colleen Trolove


Colleen creates bespoke workshops for a diverse range of training needs. She transforms the way workshop participants think about their writing. Their changed attitude translates into documents that are clear and purposeful.

Colleen enjoys seeing her participants write more effectively by the end of a workshop — and hearing that they really enjoyed themselves as they learned.

She is also gifted at one-to-one coaching, and specialises in working with people who are non-native English speakers.

Outside work, Colleen is a busy mum, a jazz singer, and a seasoned traveller.

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Corinna Lines


Corinna’s specialty is quality. She’s an expert document auditor, quality assessor, editor, and proofreader.

Corinna brings consistency to a piece of writing or a group of documents. What works best for your readers is always her focus.

Because of her many years of experience, her editing and proofreading are ‘next level’. She’ll ensure your documents are professional, polished, and error-free.

Outside work, Corinna is a ballet mum and avid reader.

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Diana Burns


Diana’s specialty is persuasive writing — how to create proposals, business cases, and bids that give you a competitive edge. If you’re an executive, Diana can coach you in presentation skills, so you’re prepared for a high-stakes presentation.

Diana also plays a key part in the discovery and training phases of our culture change programmes. She develops and delivers bespoke workshops. Participants love the energy, warmth, and extensive knowledge she brings to their learning experience.

Out of hours, Diana loves all things Spanish and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

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Eleanor Meecham


Eleanor is expert at explaining the complex in simple language while losing none of the important messages. She has a knack for getting the tone just right. Clients praise the way her work helps them connect with their customers.

Eleanor gives feedback to help people write more effectively, and creates writing resources that are easy to pick up and use on the job. Her coaching style is empathetic and highly effective.

Outside work, Eleanor loves cycling adventures. She won the Whitcoulls Travel Book of the Year award for her book 'Llamas and Empanadas'.

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Emily Cotlier


Emily is an outstanding technical communicator and wrangler of online documentation. Give her complex, poorly organised material and she’ll transform it into clear and useful information that works for your organisation.

With her expertise in systems and software, she can also take care of your long-term document management needs. She is our lead consultant for training and strategy with MadCap Flare (a leading single-sourcing authoring tool).

Emily has worked in industry, technology, and the government sector. She has a Master’s degree in scientific and technical communication.

Her personal writing interests shift among style blogging, travel writing, and short fiction.

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Erica Mather


Erica is an empathetic and insightful coach. She gives clients the skills to apply plain language principles to any writing so it achieves the desired outcome.

Erica’s passion is to ignite people's curiosity about science and technology by making it easy to understand. She has a background in both research science and science communication, and is a member of Science Communicators Association of New Zealand. Her strengths are not limited to communicating science — she is versatile, making the complex simple in any field.

Erica enables clients to tease out the meaning and purpose of their content. Then she demonstrates how to distil their content into clear, logically structured messages.

Out of hours, Erica loves singing in a choir and is learning to play the guitar. And she bakes delicious bread.

Inez Romanos


Inez thrives on making writing as clear as possible. She’s a whiz at capturing the essence of a message and expressing it concisely. Much of her consulting work is part of large-scale web projects — she’ll wrangle your content and make it findable and usable.

Inez is versatile and draws from her experience in journalism, radio, editing, and public relations.

Inez also provides insightful coaching in many aspects of writing, and delivers our Web Lab for a diverse range of clients.

Outside work, Inez dotes on her son, is an eclectic cook, and practises mindfulness.

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James Burgess

Strategic Development Manager and Consultant

James’s consultancy has helped his clients win contracts for business worth millions of dollars. He is a skilled strategist, working with clients to write bids and tenders that put them ahead of the competition.

James specialises in making the complex clear, with structure and wording that achieves business objectives. He also develops workshops and online training to help people hone their thinking and writing skills.

Out of hours, James is a doting dad and loves to explore cycle trails.

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Jayne Dalmer


Participants in our writing workshops benefit from Jayne’s mastery of both writing and training.

Jayne is an experienced educator and trainer with a broad background in communication, journalism, public relations, linguistics, and psychology. She’s also spent many years as a plain language expert, assessing documents and advising writers how to communicate complex topics clearly and precisely.

Outside work, Jayne likes arts, culture, and time with her family.

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Judy Knighton


Judy’s consultancy work has saved clients many thousands of dollars. She specialises in financial, legal, health and safety, and regulatory documents.

Judy draws on her extensive experience to work out the best approach to a project, no matter how complex. Then she swiftly applies her abundant skills to make sure your documents are easy to produce, and easy for readers to understand, and act on.

She holds a Master’s degree in Communication and is accredited with the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand.

Outside work, Judy spends time with her family and writes bestselling period romances.

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Karen Commons


Karen specialises in communications training and coaching. She puts her extensive experience as a language adviser to work for a wide range of business and learning needs.

Karen is at ease with clients from all levels of the public and private sectors. Whether she’s facilitating a bespoke workshop or working with individuals in a coaching session, the feedback is consistent — working with Karen delivers results.

Karen particularly enjoys helping lawyers transform their writing into clear reader-friendly text that retains the integrity of the original.

Karen also loves working with non-native speakers of English, including executive-level migrants. Under her expert guidance, migrants learn to write and speak effectively in the New Zealand business environment. They also gain skills that help with integration into New Zealand society.

In her own time, Karen loves wielding a paintbrush and travelling.

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Kathryn Reeves


Kathryn is at her best enabling people to articulate their ideas and intentions. Her goal: writing, content, and communication that’s clear and compelling. She considers writing to be a strategic act.

Kathryn consults with clients across the public and private sectors. She has expertise in delivering effective, engaging training and coaching in person and on digital platforms. She builds quick rapport with the people she works with.

Kathryn’s experience in content strategy, UX research, and information architecture has proven for her that successful organisations strive to put the customer (and the reader) first.

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Lesley Hanes


Lesley works with clients in many sectors, writing, editing, and reviewing content to make sure it works for its readers. She uses her background in editing and user experience to create web content that is easy to find, understand, and act on.

Lesley also has a hand in culture change projects, auditing documents against Write’s Plain English Standard, and creating resources to help writers meet the Standard.

After hours, Lesley enjoys walking, meditation, yoga, and gardening.

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Melissa Mebus


Melissa specialises in conveying complex issues to broad audiences with clarity. Your readers will benefit from her background in communications and marketing, journalism, and commercial broadcasting.

Her writing creates a sense of connection and ease that encourages readers to read. When what they find is crystal clear, it’s easy for them to absorb and act on.

Melissa also gives expert feedback to help writers and organisations meet their goals.

Outside work, Melissa is busy with her children and lends her comms expertise to non-profits.

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Meredith Thatcher


Meredith provides expert consultancy, tailoring Write’s services to projects of all kinds. Clients consider her a safe pair of hands. Auckland-based, she works for organisations throughout New Zealand.

Meredith often works on complex, sensitive projects, and multi-part, multi-author projects. She is a seasoned project manager, and a specialist technical writer, editor, proofreader, researcher, and indexer. She is meticulous and fast.

Meredith draws from her experience in diverse fields — including historical research, biosecurity, law, energy, incident management, and geospatial technology.

Out of the office, Meredith is keen on puzzles, and reading about and researching military, defence, security, and intelligence topics.

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Sue Chamberlain


Sue teaches techniques that transform the way teams and organisations write and think.

She works on our plain language culture projects and one-off bespoke workshops. She also has a knack for teaching critical thinking skills that are invaluable for clear reasoning and analysis. Participants comment on the comfortable learning environment that Sue creates. Their feedback consistently says they feel empowered to apply the training in their roles straight away.

Like all our trainers, Sue researches her trainees and their business, then develops training to meet their unique objectives.

Out of hours, Sue loves singing, dancing the tango, and spending time with her son.

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Corporate Services Staff

Jack Ponting

Client Services Coordinator

Jack is front-of-house at our Wellington office. When you visit, Jack makes you feel welcome. Phone with a question, and he enjoys finding the answer. Jack also helps keep our office and workshops running smoothly.

He’s no stranger to the world of words. He had a 30-year career in printing, beginning in the era of hot type.

Outside work, Jack’s active at church, and loves photography, trains, and stockcars.

Jonathan Tan

Project Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Jonathan’s focus is customer service, and his customers are Write’s clients, and his Write colleagues.

When your documents project comes through the door, Jonathan takes it in hand. He keeps the work running smoothly from start to finish.

As executive assistant, he supports the management team, helping to keep our own projects on track and providing expert meeting support.

He’s a music graduate, but at the end of the day he reaches for the saucepan, not the clarinet. He loves cooking — his favourite is Italian.

Nicola Welby

Payroll Manager

Nicola is a talented juggler who has spun a lot of plates at Write since 2000.

Throughout she has helped run the WriteMark Plain English Awards, as part of Write’s Awards sponsorship.

Nicola does vital ‘back office’ work, like running our payroll. (Thank you!) She has heaps of valuable organisational knowledge. She’s the go-to for all kinds of information. She’s generous with her time and help, and communicates with crystal clarity and great charm.

Back in the day, she welcomed people as our receptionist, was PA to our chief executive, and managed the Write website, our office, and the accounts. She’s just as busy now, with a young family and a shorter Write to-do list.

Phillip Bartlett

IT Support

Phillip runs our leading edge IT systems. He keeps your data safe and confidential, and enables us to work on your projects anywhere.

If a disaster happened, he’d ensure that your data was safe so our work could continue. And when inevitable day-to-day little glitches pop up, he fixes them fast or empowers us with tools and tricks. He keeps us productive, minimising downtime. And we appreciate his endless politeness and patience.

So he’s our own technology ninja — and a bit of a real ninja too. Phillip has studied martial arts since childhood. In keeping with that theme, he tantalises us with the aroma of his home-made Asian lunches.

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Rachel Templeton

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Rachel plans, markets, and sells our popular public workshops. She also writes our weekly newsletter and helps to develop new workshops. She plays a major role in our social media, keeping the windows to our world open.

Rachel loves working with customers from such a wide range of business backgrounds, and applying what she learnt in her marketing degree.

Rachel sees plain language as crucial to the way an organisation works. She’s thrilled to be working for a company that’s changing so many workplaces for the better.

Out of hours, Rachel likes hiking, and recently took up surfing.

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Reece Hawkins

Training Coordinator

Reece is the logistical maestro who makes sure our training workshops run smoothly. He’s also a key contact for learning and development managers, linking them to the right people and information for their needs.

Reece handles bookings, coordinates training materials, and arranges travel.

Reece also has an arts degree in media studies. So he understands the power of clear communication — how it helps organisations shape their messages and reach their audiences.

Out of the office, Reece loves movies and music. Occasionally he picks up his own guitar.

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