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Legal eagles, writing wizards, digital dynamos, and government gurus — a diverse group of powerful presenters are coming to Wellington in November with one clear message:

Be clear and be precise.

We’ve got speakers from Portugal, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. At Clarity2016, they’ll talk about how communicating in plain language is good for business, good for governance, and good for our world.

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Plain language, but not plain plumage — outstanding speakers for Clarity2016 in New Zealand. Image by Sid Mosdell / CC BY-ND

Why do we need to talk about plain language?

People are demanding the right to read information once and understand it first time. We live in a high-information, highly connected international society. The very nature of digital information calls for transparency, accessibility, and immediacy. Readers trust clarity.

A strong business trend towards simplicity also demands plain language — it’s no longer an optional extra. Writing clearly to suit the needs of readers strengthens relationships with clients because it makes your organisation accessible. It saves time and money, and boosts efficiency. Companies now recognise that plain language is something that can define them.

A snapshot of speakers

Hosted by Write Limited, Clarity2016 has attracted outstanding international and local experts you can’t afford to miss. All these speakers work hard every day to help people access the information they need. Here’s a selection:

1. Dr Paul Wood (NZ)

From delinquent to doctor — tales of transformation and growth. Motivational change inspiration.

2. Sandra Fisher Martin (Portugal)

Are global governments trailblazers or laggards when it comes to plain language? Sandra presents pilot survey results.

3. Una Jagose (NZ)

New Zealand’s Solicitor-General has a powerful message about plain language and the law.

4. Professor Joseph Kimble (United States)

Compelling evidence and myth-busting arguments for stripping away legalese.

5. Professor Christopher Trudeau (NZ)

Revealing the results of an international study into what the public really thinks of lawyers’ writing style. The study includes New Zealand law firms.

6. Dr Susan Kleiman (United States) and Dr Neil James (Australia)

Proven and practical evaluation tools for lawyers to test whether legal writing is accurate and can be understood by a range of readers.

7. Sarah McCoubrey (Canada) 

Lawyer and educator with a powerful message on collaborative justice and resolving conflict through plain language.

8. The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG (Australia)

Patron of Clarity promises perceptive perspectives on plain language and the law.

9. David Boyle (NZ)

Investor education principal at Commission for Financial Capability highlights the absolute importance of plain English for communicating about long-term saving and investing.

10. Julie Clement (United States)

Breaking the legalese barrier. Julie has identified five common obstacles to plain legal language — and knows how to get over them.

11. Charlene Haykel (United States)

Addressing systemic complexity. Writer, editor, and strategist promises an insightful discussion on simplifying complex information systems.

12. Rob Hulls (Australia)

Listenability and the law. Former attorney general of Victoria and Director of the Australian Centre for Innovative Justice leads this lively plenary session.

13. Anniken Willumsen (Norway)

Can and should we measure the results of plain language work — success stories from Norway.

14. Gabriella Sandström (Sweden) 

Crystal clear e-services — behind the scenes.

15. Meghan Codd Walker (United States)

Clear is cool — how to reach millennials with plain language.

Be quick — register now for Clarity2016

Spaces to hear these outstanding and friendly speakers, and many more, are filling up fast.

Find out more about Clarity2016.


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  2. Adam says:

    These all sound well worth while! I hope you plan to record the speakers’ presentations; I liked being able to watch a couple of previous ones.

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