Thomas McGrath

Training Manager and Consultant

Inspiring and energetic trainer, facilitator, and leader

Thomas’s previous role was deputy principal of a high school. Before that, he was an English teacher for 10 years. From this experience, he has developed tools for working with learners’ varying motivations, skills, and backgrounds.

Thomas also has experience as a change facilitator for national brands. He trained staff on why they were rebranding and what was expected of them in the new environment. This role involved on-stage performance, training, management, and an understanding of technical topics.

Thomas brings his varied expertise to client workshops and, as Training Manager, to Write’s team of trainers and our management team.

Motivating training participants and helping them grow

From his experience in teaching, Thomas has become adept at tuning in to an audience’s needs. He’s an enthusiastic motivator, who gets his trainees excited about what they’re doing. He enjoys giving constructive feedback to help learners grow.

Thomas loves language, in all its forms. He is intrigued by the social impacts of plain language — making the benefits of information more accessible to all parts of society. He’s also keen to work with clients from a wide variety of businesses at Write.

‘Plain language makes a lot of sense to me — it’s just not worth going to the effort of creating a document if your readers don’t find it accessible and easy to read.’

Thomas’ areas of specialty

All our consultants have the skills and smarts to make any workshop a success. But they each have special passions too.

Thomas really loves:

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Thomas was an outstanding facilitator! Very engaging, informative, mindful of participants, has incredible emotional intelligence, and high energy.

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