Ryan Tippet

Consultant and WriteMark specialist

Reader-focused content specialist who’ll transform your writing

Ryan is equally skilled at writing and editing. He takes an analytical approach, identifying and polishing the main message so it’s front and centre, and more compelling.

‘I like it when people tell me I’ve made them sound smarter, and strengthened their argument. This usually means I’ve made their writing cleaner, tidier, and more accessible.’

Dunedin-based Ryan holds a PhD in communications, but he likes to approach a topic as a layperson. He’ll first understand the topic for himself, then consider how to tailor it to the needs of the audience. He brings this high level of scrutiny to all the documents he works on, including those aiming for the WriteMark.

‘I’m used to working with topics that are opaque and complex. If I can pick my way through a topic like regional planning or policy or science, I can write in a way that helps people make sense of the topic — and its real impact on their lives.’

Fresh eyes and an open mind are a sound starting point for reader-focused writing, Ryan believes.

Managing projects and relationships for positive results

If your writing project has lots of moving parts, Ryan is practised at keeping them spinning. He’s adept at managing relationships — meeting the information needs of stakeholders such as politicians, the media, subject experts, and the public.

And he’s equally skilled at managing projects — planning processes, setting timelines, and liaising with the teams involved, so they stay steadily on track.

Ryan was such a pleasure to work with. He is incredibly skilled at turning complicated wording into clear and concise plain language. He worked quickly with each draft and was so easy to communicate with. We’re so pleased with the final results. Thanks Ryan.

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