Inez de Lambert


Diligent and versatile writer, trainer, and coach

Inez has over 25 years of writing experience and a background in journalism, public relations, radio broadcasting, and editing.

One of her specialities is making online content easy to find, read, understand, and act on. She’s a dab hand at developing and writing effective web content. Inez also delivers our Web Lab training for a diverse range of clients.

Using her experience as a journalist, she can research topics to reveal crucial insights, or interview subject-matter experts to identify and clarify their messages.

Inez also enjoys coaching people to write clearly, providing a safe space for people to experiment, learn, and grow. She gives constructive feedback that people can easily apply to help them meet their communication goals.

Bringing clarity to legal, financial, insurance, HR, and health content

Inez is very experienced with creating plain language versions of regulatory, financial, insurance, and human resources documents.

She’s also worked on health communication campaigns for patients and the public, and been a health journalist for a national standards and assessment body for medical education and training.

Inez’ areas of specialty

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Inez really loves:

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