Helen Wise

Business Development Leader

Curious leader with a passion for plain language cultures

Helen leads our team of talented relationship managers. With them, she builds lasting relationships with clients and champions plain language as a value-adding business approach.

Helen focuses on finding solutions that meet client needs. She is dedicated to identifying the best training options for your team, or the most appropriate way to support your content development process.

She is avidly interested in people and dives into projects with keen curiosity, an active ear, and a wealth of knowledge. Clients can trust that Helen listens and cares about what they want.

With 25 years of experience in facilitation, training, and business coaching at Write and elsewhere, Helen can put herself into people’s shoes and understand their needs.

A plain language champion

Helen is a huge advocate for plain language and is passionate about plain language culture in organisations. She believes the Rewrite for Change™ Model is an excellent resource for fostering a culture of clear communication and ‘making plain language the way we write’.

She’s excited about the Plain Language Act 2022 and helping clients meet the requirements of the Act. She’s keen to encourage everyone to learn how to write for their readers and find the value in plain language.

Plain language is a way of showing respect for others, building trust, and stopping miscommunication.

She’s proud to work in a B Corp that exemplifies the value of being good and doing good.

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