Friederike Tegge


Creative trainer with a passion for inclusive learning

Friederike — or Rike — is passionate about language and clear communication. She wants learning to be fun and brings a creative eye to everything she does. She has a knack for critical thinking and enjoys making the complex simple.

In her training role Rike facilitates workshops, does one-on-one coaching, and coordinates with clients to match training to their needs. She’s enthusiastic about helping clients consider their readers first.

Rike believes that plain language is central to clear communication and transparency. To her, the key to good writing is putting the reader first.

It’s not about what I — the writer — want to tell my readers. It’s about what my readers need.

She has a PhD in applied linguistics and has a strong background in training, adult education, and intercultural communication. She’s also done everything from research and publishing to designing web content.

Empowering second-language writers

Rike is passionate about supporting second-language speakers of English and wants them to be confident in their writing. She is keenly aware that cultural differences — not just language differences — can affect our communication.

She has worked in her native Germany, the US, Spain, and Mexico, and is grateful to have served migrant and former-refugee communities in that time.

Rike’s areas of specialty

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Rike really loves:

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Excellent workshop. Rike was very knowledgeable, approachable, and all around fantastic!

Snehal P
Maritime New Zealand

Rike was an engaging presenter who shared a lot of her own thinking and tips. I enjoyed the review of my own work product and the chance to improve it and apply the workshop learnings in real time. I can make changes tomorrow to improve my writing.

Rebecca P
Parliamentary Counsel Office

Rike was a fantastic trainer making what could be dry and boring material interesting and engaging. I can take what I learned and apply it immediately to my work.

Jen W
Inland Revenue

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