Eve Marriott

Marketing Support and Web Content Coordinator

Creative marketing whiz who keeps our online content fresh and fabulous

Eve is the creative brain behind our online content. She is a key member of our marketing and web team, working across our Write and WriteMark websites and Write Online, our microlearning platform. She has a passion for creating accessible content that not only looks great but remains inclusive, understandable, and accessible for all.

She helps to market our services and products to the world. She creates and commissions content for our newsletters and social media updates, and she produces elearning video content for our microlearning library. She’s the friendly face behind many of our in-person and online events. And she coordinates with our marketing team and consultants to come up with fresh web content.

Eve comes from a creative background — with a degree in screen production, she tries to bring her knowledgeable and creative flair to everything she does. Her additional background in administration means she’s highly organised and detail-oriented too.

Being part of a force for good

Eve loves that plain language champions accessibility and inclusion for everyone, no matter what background they come from. She believes everyone has a right to access important information.

She has a special internal role too. She’s the driving force behind our Blue Zones initiative — drawing together interesting insights, activities, and themes to help everyone in our Write team thrive at work. Blue Zones is closely linked to our B Corp certification, which Eve is right behind.

It’s great to be part of a team where everyone believes in the impact of our work. I love telling those stories!

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