Diana Burns


Multifaceted expert with journalistic panache

Diana’s specialties are persuasive writing and storytelling — she’ll help you craft proposals, business cases, and speeches that give a competitive edge. She shows our clients how to harness the power of behavioural science and plain language techniques to engage, inform, and persuade. As a result, they improve their success rates.

Diana develops and delivers bespoke workshops for clients in every sector with any kind of communication need. She also plays a vital part in the discovery and training phases of our culture change programmes. Executives feel comfortable working with her to improve their persuasive writing and presentation skills.

Bringing a wealth of experience and skills

Diana has experience as a journalist, broadcaster, and press secretary. She has also been a communications manager and contractor in many government agencies.

Diana is widely travelled, a fluent speaker of Spanish, and interested in other languages. She works with Māori organisations, people of Pacific heritage, and clients from Spain and Latin America.

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