Daniel Androutsos


Energetic and engaging trainer with experience in adult learning

Participants come first when Daniel organises, plans, and trains. With his engaging approach, he creates workshops that draw on participants’ curiosity. He combines expertise and playfulness, and balances planning and organisation with flexibility and spontaneity. Daniel uses his teaching knowledge to make learning as effortless as he can.

Daniel is keenly interested in how people learn. As an adult language learner himself, Daniel understands the challenges our workshop participants can have in taking on new concepts or techniques. His empathy guides his training.

Daniel studied linguistics and psychology, worked in legal publishing in various roles, and spent more than 6 years teaching and examining English overseas. His experience and insight enable him to navigate complex writing and easily break it down into key concepts for the reader.

Making language plain puts the reader centre-stage

Daniel prefers saying ‘reader-focused language’ to ‘plain language’. He says writers need to be thoughtful about their readers and keep them at the heart of everything.

For Daniel, reader-focused language works because it brings clarity and is practical. ‘It helps everything to run smoother and faster, saves time and money, and makes life easier.’

I really enjoyed the training. The trainer [Daniel] was very informative and engaging, and I took away some valuable skills that (in some instances) I had previously overlooked.

Hannah W
Land Information New Zealand

Daniel was really engaging and created a very fun and interesting session. I learnt a lot from this workshop and would highly recommend it to others wanting to improve their writing.

Tere S
The Office of the Chief Justice

Really enjoyed the session, so informative and engaging. Daniel did a great job! He gave me many useful skills to implement in both my work and university writing.

Alofa A
Public Service Commission

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