Corinna Lines


Discerning and diligent assurer of content quality

Corinna’s specialty is quality. She’s an expert document auditor, quality assessor, editor, and proofreader. Consistency and accuracy are hallmarks of her practice. A vital part of the Write team since 2003, Corinna’s editing and proofreading skills are second to none.

Corinna also develops style guides and writing guidelines that help your writers create quality content with ease. She is the driving force behind our latest edition of The Write Style Guide.

Making your documents — and you — look good

Corinna brings professionalism and polish to any type of content. She excels at focusing her renowned attention to detail on long, multi-author documents. Much of her work involves complex or highly technical content. Her focus is always what works best for your readers — and she’ll give you helpful advice along the way.

As a writing coach, she’s open and straightforward, helping you write more clearly without losing any of the flair.

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We gave Corinna a very small amount of time to proofread a substantial document and she did a fantastic job with such a tight deadline.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

My coaching sessions with Corinna have been very informative and worthwhile. Corinna’s standard of work is exceptional — her explanations are informative and easy to understand. I now know why you refer to Corinna as Write’s go-to person for questions about writing.

James M
Private coaching client

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