Catherine Bleach

Relationship Manager

Enthusiastic and motivated results-seeker

Catherine looks after our clients throughout their projects, from first brief to follow-up. Whether it’s creating custom training, handling complex document requests, or setting up one-on-one coaching — you’re in good hands.

She liaises with Write’s diverse team from all over the country to produce quality custom content. Above all, Catherine wants clients to feel that they’ve been listened to and understood.

Finding solutions is her passion

Catherine’s motivated by fostering trusting relationships with our clients. She’s solution-focused and committed to achieving the best results for you and your team. She brings enthusiasm, empathy, and a sense of humour to every project.

Her background in marketing and client management influences her flexible approach and helps her articulate the right solution for any kind of query.

Catherine is committed to clear communication. She believes that plain language is the best way for organisations to improve communication — both externally and internally.

Plain language keeps everyone on the same playing field and takes the guesswork out of documents.

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