Angie Collins


Perceptive and adaptable trainer and coach

Angie’s been training people to write clearly for many years. She’s adept at tailoring workshops to meet an organisation’s unique training needs.

With a degree in psychology and physiology, Angie’s focus is on people — how they work and what makes them happy. She gets a buzz from helping people realise they can be good at writing. And she gets a kick out of ending the frustration and waste caused by poor business communication.

Angie also loves coaching people in presentation skills, so they can present confidently to groups.

Fostering a cooperative and productive training environment

Angie believes that training is a two-way experience, valuing the insight of the trainee as much as the trainer. She’s brilliant at guiding people to:

Her gentle manner helps to create a relaxing environment for participants, so they feel safe to share and connect with each other. This approach has benefits beyond the workshop space, as the writing process often involves collaborating with or getting input from others.

Angie’s areas of specialty

All our consultants have the skills and smarts to make any workshop a success. But they each have special passions too.

Angie really loves:

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Angie was lovely and answered all of our questions with ease. I learned lots of practical tips and tricks!

Kate M
NZ Film Commission

Angie was fantastic and created a great environment for us all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom Angie!

Health Quality and Safety Commission

Thank you for the invaluable experience, Angie! You’ve opened my eyes to what’s possible and I’m excited to keep on learning and improving in this skill.

Amber M
Ministry of Justice

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