Abigail Latu

Marketing Lead

Collaborative, persuasive, and inspiring creative

Abbey has two brand ambassador roles: for Write as a whole and for Write Online, our library of microlearning videos and resources about clear communication at work.

Abbey loves to spread the word about how Write can help you use the power of words for good. She’s responsible for marketing our services and products to the world. Her mission is to help others understand the benefits of plain language for their organisations — and for their own professional development.

Wearing her Write Online hat, Abbey builds relationships with like-minded organisations and education providers who are keen to use our microlearning content. She works with our consultants to produce live online events, and she keeps our subscribers up to date with what’s happening.

Making words work for good

Abbey plans and writes our newsletters and social media content, and commissions content from other writers on the Write team. She’s fascinated by words and design, and believes in everybody’s right to understand. So she feels at home here at Write.

Write is my kind of place to be.

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