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Earnsy Liu | March 10, 2022

Maybe you want to do some good for society. Maybe you want to run a business. Why not do both?

Knowing where to start or how far to go can be hard though. Should you be more of a business or more of a charity? How will you know if your business actually succeeds in doing good? How do you make sure it keeps doing good?

Spectrum showing that you can use business to do good. Charities are on one end, businesses on the other. Businesses with impact are in the middle.

Help is at hand — business.govt.nz has created some guidance on doing business for good. It tells you how to tackle social or environmental problems by balancing profit and purpose.

On these pages, you’ll find important information in one handy place — whether you’re setting up a shiny new business or changing course in an existing business. For example, you can:

Learn about doing business for good on the business.govt.nz site

You’ll like the expert advice

We were delighted to develop these pages with Ākina Foundation and business.govt. Ākina Foundation is a consultancy that wants to make New Zealand a better place. They’re ‘economic change-makers, advocates for innovation, and champions of social enterprise’.

Find out about Ākina Foundation on their website

You’ll like the plain information

The pages are plain, and we’re proud of it. ‘Plain’ means:

We illustrated key points with case studies, and developed two downloads to help you plan your business and measure the difference you make.

Going ‘plain’ was easy because the folks at business.govt are super-keen to make information accessible to everyone. Exactly our kind of people!

You want to do good with your business? So do we

Write’s tagline is ‘Using the power of words for good’. Our mission is to help organisations and individuals get more value from their business communication. We believe we’ve added that value on these pages, by making the information accessible to more people.

When we fulfil our mission, we help build a fairer, more respectful society — a society where people can communicate their ideas clearly, and find the information they need.

To prove we mean what we say, we’ve become a Certified B Corporation. Organisations only get certified when they can show they’re helping to build a better society, and balance purpose and profit.

Visit our B Corp listing and learn about B Corporations on the B Corp website.

Want to do your bit too?

Find out about using your business for good.
Read how to make a difference with your purpose-led business on the business.govt website

Find out how we can use the power of words for you. Or simply say ‘Kia ora’ if you’re a B Corp too.
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