Get an expert tune-up to make your words roadworthy

Corinna Lines | December 18, 2017

Is your writing ready to hit the road? Here in New Zealand it’s time for the long summer break, which also includes Christmas and New Year celebrations. Everyone’s on the move, visiting family as well as going on their summer holidays.

Image, Yellow combi van with Christmas decorations.

Everything happens at once in a Southern Hemisphere summer. Image by Nubia Navarro / CC0

We’d like to think our document services can be compared to taking your car in for a service before heading off on your holidays. Just like a mechanic, we can offer different levels of work for your writing.

1. Major service

If your writing isn’t running smoothly or a warning light is flashing, we can work on a document from scratch. Or we can offer substantive editing where we help with planning and structuring your document for maximum torque.*

2. Intermediate service

If you’re happy with the document’s basics, copy-editing will help with flow and clarity. We work at paragraph and sentence level to improve readability and ensure your messages are clear.

3. Minor service

If you just want a final quality check, we can proofread your document for consistency, plus correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This level of service gives you the reassurance that your work won’t be let down by careless errors that may affect its credibility.

* Torque is a magical quality to do with acceleration, rotation, and horsepower, used by mechanics to confuse the uninitiated. We promise not to use confusing words (although some may have a magical quality).

Image, Rusty old car suffering from neglect.

Don’t ruin your look for want of a little maintenance. Image by Skitterphoto / CC0

We can tailor the work to you

If you’re short of time or have a limited budget, we’ll take a look at the document and tell you what we can do. Or we can recommend more than one approach so you can choose the level of work.

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