Clarity — an idea worth spreading

Lynda Harris | August 3, 2016

I love it when a conversation stimulates a tumult of new realisations and possibilities.

That happened recently when we were talking to our good friend, Sandra Fisher-Martins of Claro, a plain language consulting firm in Portugal. We were talking about the concept of being a ‘Clarity Maker’.

Image, Our 'clarity maker' wall at Write Ltd.

We’d coined that term ourselves a couple of years ago — it’s even on our reception wall. But Sandra had a bigger, more generous idea. She and her team thought of their clients as the real Clarity Makers — the heroes of the story who were making science real, medicine understandable, and the law accessible.

In fact, anyone, in any profession, who has a burning ambition to communicate information with simplicity and effectiveness is a Clarity Maker. That obvious yet profound thought caught our imaginations. Of course! We plain language professionals are there simply as helpers and cheerleaders to those in business, government, industry, and the professions who know that clarity makes sense — strategically, financially, ethically.

Sandra’s big idea is to video Clarity Makers around the world, to inspire others in similar professions to see that clarity is both desirable and possible. We love it! And we’re joining in to spread the word.

See what other Clarity Makers have said:

Oh, and if you’re in New Zealand and want to be part of the Clarity Maker series, please connect. We’ll make it happen.

PS If you haven’t seen Sandra Fisher-Martin’s TED talk The Right to Understand, you should!

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