An ISO standard for plain language

The International Plain Language Federation has developed an international plain language standard. The International Organization for Standardization published the standard in June 2022.

Write’s Chief Executive, Lynda Harris, has been involved in various subcommittees supporting the development of the ISO standard.

What will an international standard do?

The standard gives clear guidelines so all organisations can communicate clearly in their language of choice to their readers, their customers, and their stakeholders.

It will also serve as a resource for organisations to improve their internal practices and communication culture. Fifteen language experts from eight countries make up the working group, so it’s a huge undertaking across multiple languages.

How will the ISO standard work?

Any organisation can use and endorse the standard once it is published internationally.

All international standards are voluntary unless they are cited in legislation or regulation. In Aotearoa New Zealand, the standard would be voluntary.

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