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By on December 14th, 2015 in Insights and news

End-of-year madness has well and truly started. It’s the time of year when we look to set goals for the future. But it’s just as important to reflect on achievements you’ve had in 2015, both personally and within your organisation.

Here are 15 of our top moments from this year.


Let’s start the top 15 with a cake! This is the anniversary cake we sponsored for the PLAIN conference in Dublin. Lynda, Anne-Marie, and Helen all presented at this conference.


Scrabble and cake. What more could you want? The PLAIN conference was a huge success this year.


Chris, Tim, and Teresa brought the Write team to 30 people.


We added two new workshops. Critical Thinking Lab  and Effective A3 Reports.


Using our Rewrite for Change™ model, four more organisations have transformed their writing culture.

Rewrite for Change model detail


We ran over 400 in-house workshops and 98 public workshops in 2015.


We had plenty of celebrations this year. One of them Dinah’s trainer accreditation — accreditation is Write’s internal certification for training. It’s an intensive process, and we couldn’t be prouder of her achievement.


Maybe I should have done a top 15 cakes blog post instead? These beauties were for Dinah’s accreditation and our Write Christmas party.


Our blog has passed 10,000 visitors and has grown 20 times as big as last year! Your favourite post this year was… Five simple rules for perfect apostrophes


Who’d have thought a quick suggestion in a staff meeting would result in this beautiful quilt! Our Write memory quilt is made up of pieces from past and present staff members. A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially Rosie and Judy!


We helped 82 different clients in 2015 with achieving their communication goals.


We were the founding sponsor for the 2015 WriteMark New Zealand Plain English Awards. Find out about the awards


Soaking up the atmosphere at the Plain English Awards. Photograph by Alan Raga


We carried out 15 document audits. What’s a document audit, I hear you say?


It was Write’s 25th birthday!


Another event, another cake.


Clarity2016 — a conference for people in law, business, and government — is being hosted by us here in Wellington. Yes, I’m bending the rules, as the conference isn’t until next year. But you can register your interest now or become a sponsor!


Rewrite, our book about transforming the writing style of a whole organisation, was launched into the world. Find out more about Rewrite


Finally, global recognition for our Chief Executive, Lynda. She won a lifetime achievement award for her contribution to plain language.

Lynda with award PLAIN (Cleo edit)

NALA PLAIN Gala Dinner and Awards at the Old Jameson Distillery. Picture Colm Mahady / Fennells – Copyright 2015 Fennell Photography

And there’s plenty more to look forward to. We’re redoing our online training and our new website is on its way. And more organisations are seeing the benefits of clear, reader-friendly communication every day.

Happy holidays, folks! And watch this space! Write’s going global, one sentence at a time.


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