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We use cookies from Google and Hubspot to advertise to you after you visit our website.

Other companies, including Google and Hubspot, may use cookies to track how you use our website and get an idea of what you’re interested in. Those other companies use this information to show you personalised advertising across the internet. This advertising could be from us, or someone else.

If you’re logged in to a Google or Hubspot account while browsing our website, they may link the information they collect from our website with the information in those accounts. For example, if you visit our website while logged in to Facebook, it’ll connect that tracking to your Facebook profile to help it personalise ads.

We cannot see the information the cookies from other companies collect. Those companies process and save this information themselves. Google and Hubspot store the information they collect outside New Zealand.

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We use Google Analytics to collect information about your visit, and use that information to improve this website.

We don’t use Google Analytics to track, collect, or match information in a way that could personally identify you. Google Analytics collects:

Google Analytics stores the information it collects outside New Zealand.

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If you’re a Google user, you can change your settings so their cookies won’t track you. You’ll still see advertising after changing your settings; the advertising may just be less relevant to you.

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Most browsers let you change cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in the ‘Settings’, ‘Options’, or ‘Preferences’ menu of your browser.

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