We’re looking for a communication changemaker

(aka: brilliant content developer, plain language practitioner, writer, editor, advisor, strategic thinker; a trusted consultant and proven advocate for all things beautifully clear, simple, focused, and effective)

Let’s be clear! If you fit the description above and you’re determined to change the world through clear, powerful communication, we need to hear from you!

We’re looking for highly experienced professionals who ‘get’ that writing quality contributes enormously to organisational success. In particular, you’ll be expert at creating plain language content. You’ll relish taking on the challenge of wrangling documents large and small. Like us, you want content to work for readers and to fit its intended purpose.

You’ll love helping organisations and their employees, from all business sectors, to commit to clarity so they get more value from the time they spend writing.

As thought leaders and practical changemakers in our field, with a proud reputation built over many years, we’re looking for star quality!

The role is based in our central Wellington office. You’ll probably need to travel to other New Zealand locations occasionally or work onsite with clients. We’re a friendly, flexible workplace.

You’ll want to check us out too: www.write.co.nz

Feeling excited? That’s a great start. Email jonathan@write.co.nz with your CV and a compelling cover letter. If you have writing samples, we’d love to see those too. We’d like to talk to you soon, so contact us by Friday, 18 January 2019.

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