Why call in the evaluators? Because quality matters

Jayne Dalmer | September 26, 2016

Write is mighty proud of its recent external evaluation report. We’re enjoying a quiet ‘rooty-toot-toot’ as we go about our business.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has rated Write as ‘excellent’ across all evaluation areas.

NZQA notes:

…the organisation does several things that are significantly beyond what is expected of a private training establishment…

Quality matters: why external quality review is important to us

Write voluntarily registers with NZQA as a private training establishment and chooses to go through NZQA’s quality assurance process known as an External Evaluation and Review.

Why do we go through this process, especially when it means we need to take time out from business-as-usual — and it involves paying fees? External review is important to us. We value the rigour of the NZQA process and we look forward to hearing from trained evaluators about areas where we can change or improve.

5 key findings in our NZQA report

NZQA gives these reasons for its ‘highly confident’ rating in all areas.

In closing, NZQA said it found:

…an organisation operating within a strong ethical framework, providing significant benefits to its immediate clients, and contributing to public good by improving access to plain language documents across the government and private sectors.

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Rooty toot toot. Image by Jameziecakes / CC BY-ND

Read the full NZQA report

Sometimes it pays to get an outside opinion.

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