Nicola Welby — helpful office manager who always has a smile

Office Manager

Nicola Welby

If you’ve known Write for a while, chances are you’ll have met Nicola. She’s been a stalwart of the Write team for many years and has had a range of responsibilities in that time.

Nic is once again our office manager, stepping back into a role she held some years (and several offices) ago. She looks after the admin team too — Eve, our front-of-house administrator, Les, our accounts administrator, and Shelly, our Plain Language Awards coordinator.

Making sure our office runs smoothly and seamlessly

Nic loves policies and processes, and is always looking for ways to improve them. She’s invariably generous with her time and help, and communicates with crystal clarity and great charm.

To people outside the Write office, Nic is perhaps best known for her work on the not-for-profit Plain Language Awards, which Write sponsors. In particular, Nic manages the Awards website and newsletter, and supports Awards entrants, the judging teams, and the Awards patron and trustees.

She believes in the purpose of the Awards — to bring plain language into common use. And she applies plain language principles to everything she works on.

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