What about the serious business of clarity?

No conference is complete without a wrap-up discussion of the main theme of the event. The final panel discussion at Clarity2016 will help delegates walk away from the conference with a new, or renewed, appreciation that clear communication needs to be the foundation of business and government today.

Drawing together various themes

Clarity2016’s closing 45-minute panel will discuss the topic ‘The Serious Business of Clarity’. Five panellists will offer their perspective on plain language in law, business, and government. They’ll draw together the various themes and diverse contributions covered during the conference. They’ll discuss why clarity is not a nice-to-have or an afterthought. Instead it is a business-centred approach, led by skilled professionals, that:

Offering diverse professional perspectives

Dr Neil James, Executive Director of the Plain English Foundation and Silver sponsor of Clarity2016, will lead the final panel discussion. The five panellists are:

  1. Christopher Trudeau: (US) representing the legal profession and the impact plain language can have on citizens and consumers
  2. Kirk Hope: (NZ) representing the business community including employers and manufacturers
  3. Melanie Biss: (NZ) representing a large Australasian bank that has adopted a plain language approach to its contracts and policies
  4. Anne-Marie Chisnall: (NZ) representing plain language professionals everywhere and their contribution to ‘The Business of Clarity’ in law, finance, health, and more
  5. Charlene Haykel: (US) bringing her business perspective as a simplification specialist working with large communication systems in organisations.

Visit the conference website for more information about Clarity2016

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