User Manuals and Instructions

1 day

Gain the tools you need to create effective user manuals and instructions. You may want to simplify a common process for staff, or explain the workings of a product to potential buyers. Or you might be writing pages for a website, scripts for a call centre, or user manuals for software. Whatever the reason, this workshop gives you the skills you need to help readers understand and complete tasks. Scroll down for more details.

  • Mar 17
    Tue 9:00 AM Tue 4:30 PM(1 day)
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  • Jun 2
    Tue 9:00 AM Tue 4:30 PM(1 day)
    • $625.00 excl. GST
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    Poor instructions or confused user manuals can cause havoc for anyone trying to follow them. Readers give up quickly when they can’t understand these documents. The time readers spend trying to make sense of them, as well as the time that’s gone into creating them, all go to waste if they’re unclear.

    In this workshop, we’ll help you develop the skills you need to create clear, engaging, and logical user manuals and instructions. You’ll learn how to write easy-to-read content that’s also easy for your reader to find. You’ll learn how to write instructions that offer quick answers to questions, and that also enable your readers to complete tasks successfully.


    Who this training is for

    This course would perfectly suit anyone creating (or updating) instructions for readers, either inside or outside their organisation.


    Our Writing Effective User Manuals and Instructions workshop offers a tried and true process for creating user manuals and instructions. The workshop covers eight topics:
    • Deciding the type and purpose of your instructions
    • Understanding your readers
    • Creating a plan
    • Writing your content
    • Illustrating your user manuals and instructions
    • Using headings and links
    • Testing your user manuals and instructions
    • Editing your user manuals and instructions

    Training customised for your team

    We can customise this workshop for your team. Contact us to talk about your training needs.

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