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This workshop teaches you the tricks of the editing trade. You’ll learn practical techniques for working with writers and managing the editing process. Bring along your laptop — we’ll show you how to create well-structured, clear, and consistent content for print and web. Scroll down for more details.

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      Good editors understand that editing is not just about ‘fixing content’. It’s about working with the writer to create a great experience for the reader. This workshop gives you the skills you need to edit with confidence and professionalism.

      Editing is a critical part of the writing process — it’s vital to helping content achieve a high level of credibility. Well-edited content ensures outsiders regard your organisation as professional.


      Start right

      • Build the relationship from the beginning
      • Plan together how you’ll manage the work

      Use the tools correctly

      • Make the most of tracked changes
      • Use style sheets to record decisions
      • Use briefing sheets to understand what the writer wants from you

      Practise structural editing

      • Learn how to edit the purpose, content, and structure
      • Practise on content you need to edit

      Practise copy editing

      • Learn how to edit sentences, words, and tone
      • Practise on your own content

      Training customised for your team

      We can customise this workshop for your team. Contact us to talk about your training needs.

      Who this training is for

      If you edit other people’s content for government or business, this workshop will make your working life easier!

      If you edit your own content, come on our Editing and Proofreading workshop.

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