Media Releases

1/2 day

Transform your media releases to increase their appeal to journalists and their readers, and suit the medium you’re targeting. You’ll learn as you work, getting expert input and the fresh perspective of other participants. Scroll down for more details.

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      We’re living in a multi-media world, but news coverage is still a vital way to get public attention and profile. A well-written, well-targeted media release puts you in control of the message, and makes the journalist’s job easy.

      Depth of training

      As you work together on news items, you’ll learn how to:

      • get the real story from your subject matter experts
      • find an ‘angle’ to hook the attention of the journalist, and their audience
      • use dynamic, emotive language to make the media release appealing and relevant
      • structure your news item so it suits the reader and the sub-editor
      • target news releases to selected media, to maximise exposure
      • use peer review to foster better writing for both the writer and the reviewer.

      Training customised for your team

      We can customise this course for your team. Contact us to talk about your training needs, dates, and fees. Email Or call us on 04 384 6447 or 0800 4WRITE (0800 497 483).


      'The Write Media Release workshop was a fun and thought-provoking way to spend a morning. Lots of useful tips that will help us to write more engaging stories.'
      Alexia Black, People First New Zealand, Ngā Tāngata Tuatahi

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