Grammar for Migrants

Each module should take an hour

Grammar for Migrants is an online grammar course. This course is for you if English is not your first language. The course helps you to improve your English grammar skills, so you can write clearly in business English.

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      The course has four modules:

      1. Introduction: Start with some quizzes and revise what you already know about sentences. This module should take 30 minutes to complete.

      2. Subject and verb agreement: Focus on subject and verb agreement.

      3. Articles: Learn about the correct use of articles: a, an, the.

      4. Verb tenses: Practice using the correct verb tenses, including conditional forms.

      Each module should take an hour or less to complete, and has links to exercises that give you useful feedback to support your learning.

      We will not monitor the results you achieve for each exercise or overall. This is a self-guided course, with no tutor involvement.

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