Psychology of Writing

1/2 day

This short, practical workshop focuses on the psychology behind what you write and the hidden factors that influence your reader's reaction. We'll teach you how using insights from the latest brain research can make almost any document more effective. Scroll down for more details.

  • Aug 17
    Mon 9:00 AM Mon 12:30 PM(1/2 day)
    • $395.00 excl. GST
  • Oct 12
    Mon 9:00 AM Mon 12:30 PM(1/2 day)
    • $395.00 excl. GST
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    For your writing to be really effective, you need to get into your reader's head.

    In this workshop, you'll learn new tools to help you connect effectively, whether you are writing a report, proposal, letter, business case, or email.

    'Heuristics' is the latest brain research into how people are hard-wired to make decisions and receive information. We've taken the academic research and applied it to written information, to give you valuable and practical insights into how to write more powerfully.


    Using these fascinating tools you'll learn how to:
    • make a good first impression
    • make your reader keen to read on
    • overcome your reader’s resistance or inattention
    • make sure your key messages hit the mark
    • persuade the reader to your point of view.

    Training customised for your team

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    ‘An interesting, intelligent, thought-provoking workshop. Highly recommended! Diana was an excellent presenter.’ 
    Sarah Letellier, IRD

    This is about audience engagement and goes deeper than the usual teachings and techniques. It's invaluable for captivating your audience. 
    Maryland Spencer

    Challenges some of the ways we write for our readers. 
    Sarah Clark, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

    Insights, tips, and professional development opportunities.