Coaching for non-native speakers of English

If English is not your first language, coaching will improve your business writing skills. Your coach will help you to write, present, and speak well in English, both for a New Zealand and an international audience.

    • Coaching for non-native speakers of English
      1.5 hours with your expert coach
      • $625.00 excl. GST


    What coaching offers you:

    • Understanding of how business writing works in New Zealand
    • An easy writing process you can follow at work
    • Help to write clearly and correctly
    • More confidence with business writing
    • Strategies to continue improving your writing

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    ‘I recommend private coaching to people at all levels who wish to improve their writing. The private coach can tailor the session to suit your particular needs, whether you are a non-English speaker struggling with writing, or a native speaker who wishes to advance your writing skills for work needs.’ 
    Nancy Chu, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment


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