Business Writing for International Professionals

3 weekly, half-day sessions

Learn about the style of English that is expected in New Zealand business. This style is probably different from the style you learned at school or university, or used in business in your country. This workshop will give you confidence in writing documents and emails in clear and correct English. Scroll down for more details.

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      This workshop focuses on the particular needs of people who are not native speakers of English. You’ll learn about an appropriate writing style for today’s New Zealand business environment.

      You’ll get targeted tips and techniques for writing clear, concise business documents in plain English. 

      Who this training is for

      You are working in New Zealand and English is not your native language. You may have had some formal training in English grammar, but you cannot easily find errors in your reports, emails, and other business documents. We can help you identify typical errors and teach you how to fix them.


      You will learn how to:

      • choose an appropriate tone that matches your company’s values and the New Zealand workplace (usually formal yet friendly)
      • write in plain English that works well for New Zealand business people
      • write with less support from your manager or team
      • use correct grammar
      • learn ways to keep improving your grammar and vocabulary
      • use an effective writing process (including how to clarify the brief) to produce better business documents more efficiently
      • choose an appropriate document structure (to achieve the desired outcome of writing).


      Very helpful to ESOL as the course pinpointed the difficulties an ESOL usually faces. 
      Rebecca Ng, Infratrain

      ‘If your job involves lots of writing, this is the course that you should take. You'll get what you need.’ 
      Wai Wong, Statistics New Zealand

      This workshop met all my expectations. I have learnt a lot and am trying to apply everything to my writing. Excellent sessions.
      Rakesh Dushila, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

       ‘It is really useful to do this course because it helps you change your way of thinking and understanding of how New Zealanders write.’
      Ana Gama, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

      ‘I would like to recommend this course to all migrants whose English is not their first language.’
      Indra Visatiya, Fusion 5

      Training customised for your team

      You can have a unique training programme customised especially for your organisation. Contact us to talk about your training needs.

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