Webinar: Writing to Persuade

1 hour

Join us for a free webinar to improve your chances of writing a successful business proposal. Writing proposals can be stressful. Time is tight, and there’s a lot at stake, particularly when you’re in a ‘winner takes all’ competitive bid. In under an hour, we’ll show you how using plain language techniques can make your bid stand out from the crowd.

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      Write consultant Josh Wilson began his plain language career as a bid writer. In this webinar, he’ll share his top tips for writing a convincing, well-structured proposal. We’ll also show you how using plain language can help you improve your success rates.

      Who this training is for

      This webinar is for you if:

      • you’re involved in writing proposals, tender responses and bids, or responding to requests for proposal (RFPs)
      • you want to improve your success rate.

      Write has 30 years of experience helping organisations get better results from their writing. We’ll help you to produce proposals that are clear, concise, and compelling.


      We’ll look at three big areas to focus on when you’re writing a proposal. The webinar will cover how to:

      • focus on the client
      • get the substance right
      • polish for credibility.

      We’ll give you a checklist to guide you through your proposal writing, and we’ll discuss some common traps. And we’ll have some time for questions and answers.


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