Plain English Essentials

4 modules, 1 hour each, online

Plain English Essentials is an online course that helps you understand what plain English is, why you should use it, and how to apply its basic principles.

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      The course has four modules:

      1. Introduction: Learn the key principles of plain English

      2. Purpose and audience: Understand the big-picture aspects of writing clearly — catering for your reader, and what they need from your writing

      3. Structure: Find out how to create a structure that is logical to your readers and helps you achieve your purpose

      4. Language: Know how to choose language that helps get your message across clearly.

      Each module should take an hour or less to complete, and has links to exercises that give you useful feedback to support your learning.

      We won’t monitor the results you achieve for each exercise or overall. This is a self-guided course, with no tutor involvement.

      Ways to do this training

      You can choose to do individual modules instead of this package. Single modules are $70 + GST per person. 

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