Critical Thinking Lab

1 day

Our Critical Thinking Lab helps you define your thinking process. We’ll get you asking the right questions and offering reasoned answers. By working through this process, you can be confident that your argument or proposal is both convincing and sound. If you commission, develop, or present analysis work in a policy or wider business context, this workshop is for you. Scroll down for more details.

  • Jul 7
    Tue 9:00 AM Tue 4:30 PM(1 day)
    • $625.00 excl. GST
  • Sep 16
    Wed 9:00 AM Wed 4:30 PM(1 day)
    • $625.00 excl. GST
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    You have to understand what you’re writing about before you can put an idea or proposal into words that are easy for your reader to understand. Turning that concept around, unclear writing is a sure sign that you don’t understand what you’re writing about. And no one wants their writing to come across as confused.

    What’s the best way to present a logical argument or policy recommendation? How do we know we’re investigating the right question and our recommendations are based on sound logic? How can we minimise the risk of an argument being flawed?

    Our Critical Thinking Lab will provide you with the tools you need to have confidence in your thinking processes. And we show you how to present your conclusion and reasoning convincingly.

    Who this training is for

    This course would suit anyone who commissions, develops, or presents analysis work in a policy or wider business context. We recommend you attend Business Writing Essentials before attending this workshop. 


    Our Critical Thinking Lab covers four topics.
    • Asking the right primary question
    • Breaking down the question
    • Building a logical argument
    • Conveying a reasoned answer

    Training customised for your team

    We can deliver this workshop at your organisation. For even better results, we suggest a two-day customised workshop. This allows participants to practise techniques and to consider challenges that are relevant to them. Contact us to talk about your training needs.

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