Your expert communications coach offers a confidential, tailor-made service that’s entirely focused on your strategic or professional goals.

Our coaches work with people in all kinds of roles, helping them to be more effective communicators.

Coaching for individuals

We’ll design a coaching programme to lift your confidence and skill as a writer, no matter what aspect you want to improve.

Our coaching will help you with thinking and planning, structuring your writing, and streamlining your content. We can also help you with grammar, tone, proofreading, and consistency.

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Coaching + online courses

Choose one or more of our online courses and team up with a coach to help you embed your learning with extra practice.

With your coach, you can explore aspects that interest you in more depth, and get feedback on your writing.

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Executive mentoring

We offer a confidential, tailor-made service for senior executives and leaders.

Coaching can help you take your business communication skills to the next level. We’ll work with you to target the coaching to your strategic and professional goals.

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Coaching for international professionals

If English is not your first language, coaching will improve your business writing skills.

Your coach will help you polish your writing and presenting skills for New Zealand and international business environments.

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Coaching for small groups

Coaching for small groups helps people working on similar writing tasks or towards a common goal.

Many of our clients use small-group sessions to develop new document formats, templates, or processes. The sessions can also help you agree as a team on effective writing styles and preferred processes.

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Coaching for an important document or project

Get the benefits of working with a plain language expert on your important document or writing project.

Our coaches can support you at all stages, from conception and drafting, through to polishing and publishing. You’ll learn valuable skills from your coach along the way, and end up with a sharp result.

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