The right picture, with the Write words

Judy Knighton | February 7, 2017

Infographics will be hotter than ever in 2017, says PR Daily, an online magazine.

Why? Pr Daily says:

  1. They’re data-driven. New technology allows us to harness more data, and infographics allow us to simplify those numbers for audiences.
  2. They’re visual. Millennial audiences are drawn to visual content — it’s a major reason Snapchat and Instagram are so popular.
  3. They’re easy to share. You wouldn’t post a research report on Pinterest, but you would share an infographic.
Image, speed of visual information processing.

Good infographics help you get your message to your audience quicker. Image by Killer Infographics / CC BY 2.0

We’re talking, of course, about good infographics. Poor infographics are an abomination.

Here are the five mistakes that ruin a good infographic.

  1. The story rambles and doesn’t lead to a definitive conclusion.
  2. The infographic uses too many words.
  3. The pictures don’t visually summarise the information; they are just random illustrations.
  4. The infographic’s sources and facts are unclear, irrelevant, or even downright wrong.
  5. The infographic does not guide the reader’s eye through the data.

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