The Oscars for plain language

Judy Knighton | August 17, 2018

Do you understand your KiwiSaver Scheme? The team at JUNO used research and the WriteMark to make sure the guide to their new KiwiSaver scheme made sense to ordinary New Zealanders — and they’re thrilled with the results.

Winning the WriteMark is like getting an Oscar.

Winning the WriteMark is like getting an Oscar.

Good information for KiwiSaver investors

Jacqueline Taylor, co-founder of JUNO, says…

…understanding what KiwiSaver is for and how it works would make a real difference to many New Zealanders’ financial future. But as we know from our and others’ research, many people don’t understand KiwiSaver and don’t know where to find good information.

So her team wrote a plain English guide to explain how KiwiSaver works, and how to get the most from investing in it. They submitted Your Guide to KiwiSaver for the WriteMark, and made the changes that assessors recommended to better help readers.

We’re proud to have met the WriteMark standard. For me, it’s like receiving an Oscar! It’s the ultimate achievement for advocates of plain language. We hope our guide helps Kiwis become more aware of how KiwiSaver could work for them.

Removing the barriers to understanding

Lynda Harris, founder of the WriteMark, was pleased JUNO had earned it.

Apart from buying a house, KiwiSaver is the biggest investment we make. JUNO has done a really good job to remove the barriers to understanding, which shows their dedication to their customers.

WriteMark experts award the WriteMark to documents with a high standard of structure, language, and design. JUNO has created a guide that meets these high standards.

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