The one thing your CV absolutely must do

Colleen Trolove | September 23, 2016

Does your CV make you wonder whether anyone will believe you? You write lists of your strengths and skills… but what if the recruiter thinks you’re just churning out the key words they put into the job description?



Really? I could be anyone. I could be lying. I sound so boring and flat.

Image, Flat person.

So flat. Image by Julie / CC BY-ND

The solution: give the recruiter evidence

Raid the ‘Work history’ section of your CV.



Be specific with your evidence

Put exact figures, times, and dates into your evidence. A well-chosen quote from a manager, colleague, or customer may also become a powerful piece of evidence.

Use evidence to connect your work history with your strengths and skills. Evidence will make your strengths and skills pop off the page to give the recruiter a rounded picture of the real you.

Image, Package wrapped in red evidence tape.

Evidence. Image by Bill Selak / CC BY-ND

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