The future is here — the future is clear

The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.

For those of us whose philosophical outlook was formed by a 1980s pop song, it’s time to take off the dark glasses and step into the light.

Clearly visible to modern communicators is the need to connect with people of all ages, from different backgrounds, and with different points of view. And plain language makes all the difference.

A golden opportunity to see and hear from clarity experts, who are focused on today and tomorrow, is here in Wellington from 3–5 November. Clarity2016, an international plain language conference, is being held in New Zealand for the first time.

Eighty speakers from around the world are bringing their energy and expertise, and shining a light on clarity in business, government, and the law.

Image, sunglasses on the back of a head.

Forward-looking speakers at Clarity2016 have taken off the shades Image by Arend / CC BY

Five future-focused speakers tuned in to today’s generation

1.       Meghan Codd Walker (USA)

Clear is cool — How to reach Millennials with plain language

2.       Victoria Rea and Cleo Igglesden (NZ)

140 characters of pure business gold

3.       Elisa Berg (Australia)

Why online legal information needs a digital strategy

4.       Caitlin Whiteman (Australia)

Why 21st century consumer policy needs plain language

5.       Ingrid Olsson (Sweden)

Birth of a Swedish gender-neutral pronoun

It’s not too late — last-minute registrations available

Three days of inspiration and illumination in our own backyard. Time to take off the progressive lenses and sharpen our focus. It’s clearly time.

15 outstanding speakers you’ll want to sit down for – Clarity2016

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