Our cancellation policies

Here are our cancellation policies for our workshops, and other training or document services.

Open workshops

We do not give a refund if you cancel a booking on an open workshop, but we’re happy to talk about alternatives.

If you book a place on a workshop and can’t attend

Our workshops are popular and many have a waiting list. If you book a workshop and can’t come, contact us straight away to:

Arrange your replacement or transfer

If we need to cancel or postpone a workshop

Occasionally we have to cancel or postpone a workshop. If this happens, you’ll have the opportunity to transfer to another workshop or to receive a full refund of the fee you’ve paid.

In-house and bespoke workshops

We secure our trainers’ time when you pay for a bespoke or in-house workshop.

We may charge you a fee if you cancel, change, or postpone a workshop

If you cancel, change, or postpone a workshop, we reserve the right to charge you a fee.

Other training or document services

When you book work with us, we may charge fees for any subsequent changes to the scope or timing of the work.

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