Pilot survey shows people want plain language in government

Anne-Marie Chisnall | November 1, 2017

Have you heard about the international survey on plain language in government?

The survey is designed to find out:

Plain Language Association International is partnering with Claro in this research project over the next few years. The two organisations hope to put together a comprehensive picture of the state of plain language in government around the world.

So far, a pilot survey has gathered preliminary data from three countries: New Zealand, Portugal, and the US. Now the organisers are hoping many other countries will get involved.

The preliminary results make a strong case for the value of plain language in government. Judging by the graph below, New Zealand respondents care about plain language!

Image: Graph of New Zealand responses. From Miguel Martinho presentation at PLAIN conference in Graz, Austria, September 2017.

Check out the launch presentation at the PLAIN conference in Graz, Austria.

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