StyleWriter editing software

StyleWriter helps you find and fix barriers to clarity, so you get to your final content faster. With its reliable feedback, you’ll become a plain English editor (and a much better writer).

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StyleWriter does more than a grammar checker or writing app

StyleWriter doesn’t just show you where the problems are. Its advanced editing tools teach you how to solve them, so you can produce clear content much more easily. With its explanations and writing statistics, it’s like having an experienced plain English editor on call to guide you.

Choose the StyleWriter edition that suits you best

The Starter edition concentrates on plain English editing. It’ll help you remove wordiness and ambiguity, and avoid common style and grammar mistakes.

The Standard edition allows full customisation to your house style. It’ll show you advanced style statistics for each document you check. You can use the stats to zero in on the biggest problems and see the results of your editing.

The Professional edition adds the unique Editor’s List to StyleWriter. The Editor’s List reviews your word choices and gives you insights into your unique writing style. It’ll help you break any bad habits.

You can trial this software yourself below. We can also set up an entire department or organisaton with StyleWriter.

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