Sarah Kebbell

Relationship Manager — Auckland region

Determined promoter of better all-round business results for our clients

Sarah puts our clients at the heart of everything she does. She enjoys getting to know your business, your goals, and your priorities. With this information to hand, she helps develop a solution that will achieve the results you need.

She’ll be in touch throughout your project, as a conduit to our consultants and products. The measurable benefits of clear communication await you, and she’ll help to make sure you achieve them.

Believing plain language is key to business success

Sarah knows that plain language helps decision-making and drives staff, board, and customer satisfaction.

Sarah sees writing in plain language as common sense — it’s something she’s done her whole life. For her, writing transparently and honestly is linked to sustainability and social responsibility. She’s proud of Write achieving B Corp certification and believes that process has firmly documented what Write has been doing for many years.

‘You have nothing to lose by explaining what you do in the language that real people use when they talk.’

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