Reece Hawkins

Training Coordinator

Calm and capable workshop coordinator

Reece is the logistical maestro behind the scenes who makes sure our training workshops run smoothly. He’s also a main contact for learning and development managers, linking them to the people and information they need.

Once our relationship manager has confirmed that we’ll be running a workshop for your people, Reece steps in as your friendly point of contact.

Making sure your workshop is set up to run without a hitch

Reece effortlessly coordinates people, training materials, and travel arrangements. He makes sure all the details are taken care of, and that we have everything we need to know about your requirements.

He’s renowned in the office for his calm demeanour, no matter what the situation. He keeps on top of any last-minute requests or unforeseen events.

Reece says that knowing people and how they work is a big part of his role — ‘it’s really about coordinating people’. Reece also has a degree in media studies. So he understands the power of clear communication, and how it helps organisations reach their audiences and achieve their goals.

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